Names !!!

  1. Were you named after someone in your family ?

    Did you name your children after family members ?

    Would you name your children after family members, celebrities, or famous places.?

    I was named after my Mothers Aunt. Both of the kids were named after famous people. My Husband was named after his Father.
  2. so what is your name then?
  3. Pradasmeadow.
  4. that is your first name????really?
  5. Maybe she would rather not say what her real name is on the internet.

    My older brother and me were just named the names we were because my mom thought they were 'cool' names, lol. The even cooler thing about it is that my stepdads middle name turned out to be the same name as my older brothers first name.

    My 1st little brother has my mothers maiden name as his middle name and my 2nd little brother has my stepdads first name as his middle name.
  6. I was given a very irish name with very irish spelling because of my dad's heritage. My middle name is after my grandma's middle name (on my mom's side). My brother is the 3rd.. and he will surely name his son - if he has one- the 4th.
  7. All the girls in my family are named after famous actresses. My middle name was my grandmother's.
  8. my mother named me after she saw a similar name somewhere.. not really named after anyone in the family.. if I had a kid, would name her "Alexandra" just coz the name has a very strong feeling to it..
  9. I was named after my grandmother and my middle name is my dad's name with an ending (it's a Russian thing).
  10. I was named after my father's favorite Solid Gold Dancer. When I have children I plan on naming my son after my father and have my grandfather's name as his middle name and I want to name my daughter after my grandmother.
  11. I was supposed to be a boy, and my mom's college friend had the female version of the name they had chosen, so I got named after her friend.

    My husband's father waqnted to name him Gerhart, but he wasn't there when he was born, and his mom picked a completely different name. (My husband was glad to not be saddled with his dad's choice:roflmfao:)
  12. Were you named after someone in your family ?
    -nope-my grandmother named me at birth when it was realized that my dingbat parents had never come up with a girl name throughout 9 months of pregnancy (Dad had a boy name ready and for some reason-he thought my mom had a girl name picked out-nope-she didn't!)

    Did you name your children after family members ?
    -<<<My younger son (I have 2) is named after people. His first name is after my father, and then he has 3 middle names, first middle name after my husband's father, second middle name after my maternal grandfather and last middle name after my paternal grandfather-we really stuck it to him! LOL My eldest is not named after anyone-we just liked the names we gave him

    Would you name your children after family members, celebrities, or famous places.?
    -Obviously-I would LOL:lol:
  13. My oldest child is named after the city where my husband and I met, my middle child is named after the country where my husband is from, and my youngest child's name was chosen because my husband became an American citizen the same year she was born.

    I wasn't named after anyone or anything - my mom just liked the name.
  14. haha- all the guys on my dad's side of the family are named Thomas (first) David (middle) or David Thomas! It switches every generation! But luckily my mom is very forceful, so I ending up getting a name I think is very "muffy, let's take the Range Rover to the yacht club"- too bad I can't live up to it! lol
  15. Named after Janis Joplin, but my mom liked "Janice" instead of Janis.