Names in Coach Letter Keychains

  1. So I've noticed that a lot of people have their names spelled out with the Coach Letter Keychains in their signature. Where is everyone getting those? Is it from a website? Or did you simply create the image yourself?

    It's so adorable!
  2. I did it myself months ago by saving the pics on and then putting them together in paint. Not sure how anyone else has done it though!
  3. That's how I did mine. I don't know how others are doing it but if there are other ways of doing it, I'd love to hear about it. :yes:
  4. Mine was done by a ~*very sweet*~ member here!!
    I guess I'm somewhat technically challenged!
    I believe she used print shop? or paint?
    Actually I believe there was a thread about this...try searching coach name things maybe, or coach letter charms.
  5. I love the way that looks too but don't know how to do it. If you find out PM me really, really easy steps! :smile:
  6. here ya go kimmi:
  7. that's the best I could do, if someone else can do it better, please do it. ;)
  8. did mine on paint too. really easy to do and the color letters are still on the japan site
  9. Ah, I couldn't resist anymore... I didn't wanna make one because I see it in a lot of signatures here and I didn't want to copy, but I broke down. It's too cute!!
  10. Thank you!! :flowers: That was so nice because I was NEVER going to figure it out! Thanks again!
  11. I'm gonna go to and get the pictures for my name and try it out on Paint or Photoshop. I hope it comes out good! It just sucks because the colors have changed now. I wanted the previous color combinations.