Names for Paille

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  1. Hello all~~

    I just wonder if Paille has another name as Marmo?? Thank you very much~:biggrin:
  2. paille is a new color for Spring 2010. marmo was a color from a few years ago and IMO more cream.

    hope that helps
  3. doloresmia, thank you for the clarification. :balloon:
  4. Look in the reference library, too you will find Marmo (think marble).
  5. Marmo is more like a off-white . . . .

    Paille is a new color introduced for S/S 2010

    I believe Marmo and Bianco (white) are part of BV's "Classic Colors" as well
    meaning they carry over each season and isn't considered a seasonal fashion color
  6. ^Marmo is not a "Classic" color.
  7. marmo = marble
    paille = straw

    So paille will have a yellow undertone, but marmo won't. Marmo is a "winter white" shade.
  8. Thank you all for the color mystery that I had.
    The color reference library is definitely good for newbies like me, trying to figure out if the color is new or being released again...etc