Names and Pix of Discontinued LV Bags (and accessories)

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  1. Hello all! I had this idea after eyeing what appeared to be a vintage LV bag that a coworker has. I have no idea what the name is and it's bugging me! So, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread that includes discontinued bags with their names. Vintage pieces are particularly hard to find, nevermind name. I have a few discontined pieces I thought I'd add to jump start things.

    1. Epi Dauphine, size 17.

    2. Monogram Cherry Blossom PTI wallet in Brown/Pink combo. (I recently sold this.)

    3. Monogram Papillon 19

    None of these pieces are vintage but they are all discontinued.
  2. this should be in the reference library, since it is a great reference
    multicolore mini hl. discontinued quite recently actually, sorry about the very recycled and very big pics...
  3. There are actually two threads about this in the "clubhouse" section. One is a limited edition club thread and another is a discontinued thread. There are pics and lists there.
  4. I think Monogrom Mini has been discontinued quite recently. I bought the Sac Mary Kate for my mum last summer and it's not sold in the LV stores now.

    P/S: I absolutely HEART the Soana Kangaroo tote bag!!!! Oh dear....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.