1. does anyone know if 2006 resort little stam have the golden nameplate inside? i just received mine from, but there's no golden brass nameplate as it decribed on the site...:confused1:
  2. ^ The one you received from Eluxury has the correct detail (no nameplate), details are changed every season. Many online sites sometimes have the wrong descriptions, they probably assume that the details are the same and just update the pictures only.

    Congrats & enjoy. =)
  3. I got mine (Little Stam in Black) from my local MJ boutique, it looks exactly like this NAP picture:
  4. thank you for your help bag.lover!! :smile:
  5. i saw a little black stam at the local Nordstrom today, it's the only little stam there and it's a return (i aksed the SA. cuz the tags of the bag were off and are in the inside zip pocket). the SA said it from resort 2006. it has no nameplate, the kiss lock doesn't have the little-nob thingy on it. do all kinds of stam bags have the same kiss lock with little nob?

    *btw, i exchanged the little topaz stam to a *regular* stam with eluxury =)