Nameless Workplace Rants

  1. Kind of like a "Say Something You Can't Say to Their Face" for workplaces. I'll start.

    You know, I waited for 20 minutes for this interview before I figured out you weren't calling. Finally sussed out that it was your admin who forgot to put me on your calendar. I studied all weekend to talk with you. Can you please get someone to help you who knows how to use Outlook?
  2. Just so you know, what you say about me in an office instant message can easily be copied and pasted and sent to me, and it has. This isn't high school, don't talk about me behind my back and do your job.
  3. No im not coming to work in the dept you are in after-all, "my choice" so Stop making assumptions!! You don't even know me... You can stop pointing me out to everyone you are sitting with in the cafe every f'ing time you see me.. Grow up dude!!
  4. No, I don't think flying to Singapore from the US for a one hour meeting seems like a good use of my time.
  5. The workplace would be so much better if certain people matured past high school.
  6. Our company doesn't have casual Fridays, stop coming to work wearing jeans and claim that you deserve it cuz you "work hard". Everyone in the office works hard!!! Also, our office is a professional place, why do you think it's appropriate to dress like you're going to a club with your extremely tight and short dresses and skirts!!!!???
  7. In the last three weeks you have let 29 years of experience and three amazing colleagues walk. There is more turnover on this floor than in retail and fast food. The longest tenured worker in my department has a year and a half.

  8. I am really ticked! I interview for a position where you claim to value "customer service." You promised in writing and on the phone to follow-up with either an interview or a test. Two months later. Nothing but an automated reply. You didn't even have the guts to tell me I wasn't suitable. Shame on you. It's one thing to be told no, but don't lie or promise what was never yours to promise in the first place. And especially after I had dialogue with you.
  9. It's bad enough you place a cap on commissions but now a new compensation plan which again which isn't bad but sucks on the profit margin made outa me
  10. You weren't "just handed" my resume when I sent it in October. So I'm not buying it that all of a sudden talking to me disrupted your process and you had to talk to other people as to whether to interview me in person or not.

    Sounds like I wasn't a first choice and you're burning through candidates like a medical incinerator.
  11. You can easily find out the answer in 5min if you are competent. So why don't you give it a try before "assigning" it to me?
  12. How are you expecting me to organize a store all on my own? I get it's not a huge store like others, but it's still hard. You give me 3 hours. Ugh. I wanna do cashiering, apparently I'm semi-good at it if you keep scheduling me to do it. Hopefully I get that when someone goes on leave.
  13. Oh, yes. I'm the bish because I sent you an email demanding you pay me after you have ignored me completely. Here's a clue, genius, you don't get to refer to our email agreement with one date in one email, and then ignore that due date, and then say that it's my fault for asking for payment earlier than on the timeline with a contract I never signed. Not signing a contract means it's not binding, you moron. Our email with the original date is the one that's valid.

    Don't try and make me look like the unreasonable one here. :censor::noggin:
  14. Bitty, did you have that lawyer send a letter on your behalf?
  15. This is a NEW non-payer. But the lawyer for the first flaked on me. I have to find another.