Name your past or present LV drool bag...

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  1. Name your past or present drool:drool: :drool: :drool: bag..............
  2. I know for sure I want a Petit Noe in MC Black. :yes: (I tried one on me this weekend). But couldn't take it home :crybaby: lol
  3. Le Fab in white
  4. My past drool, and the bag that originally got me into LV was the White Monogram Multicolor Speedy 30. Now I am completely over it, and over the all of the multicolor line.

    My present drool bag is the white Suhali Lockit PM and the Popincourt (not the haut, but the small Popincourt handbag)
  5. Marshmallow Vernis anything
  6. i want the Suhali L'Ingénieux PM :drool:. i can't decide between white and black, but i'm leaning more to the black because i already have the white L'Epanoui GM anyway. and i want the beige Velvet Chain Pochette Rabat that's still on eLuxury :love:. and i'm beginning to like the Cuir Embossé Polly, but it's a little too expensive and too big for me :sad:
  7. White eye dare you. There was one on ebay forever....was almost sad when it went away, I used to like to look at it.
  8. the tobago leather shoe bag- want it!!
  9. My past drool was the MC Frange bucket in black but now the Mirroir is the new salavation trigger! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  10. got 3:

    1)Mirior Speedy in Silver
    2)Cherry Blossom Retro (red/cream)
    3)MC Speedy in White

    someone please hand me a tissue :drool:
  11. Oh, I wish I wish I had the white multicolor mink messenger bag....
  12. Manhattan pm
  13. Lockit Horizontal....but unfortunately I'm on a bag ban until further notice!!
  14. Malesherbes, especially Damier. :love:
  15. Lockit Vertical, MC white Petite Noe, and Perle Bedford... Candy Apple Red Biscayne Bay GM.. (when it comes out)...

    Anything Marshmallow too...