Name your own price at eBags

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  1. FatWallet is having a name your own price sale with eBags. You need to join Fatwallet and post in the thread with your SKU, item name, and asking price. The request needs to be reasonable.

    In that first post they note they can't honor price requests on certain brands due to restrictions from the manufacturer. Kate Spade is one of those.

    Good luck!
  2. I'm curious as to how it goes for you. Report back to us, please?
  3. Sure. :smile:
  4. My request was granted, basically! I asked for a $50 eBags brand bag for $35, which is 30% off, and they just put up a link for a discount of 25% on all eBags brand bags.

    The link for that discount is on the first post in the thread, and the link to the thread is in my first post in this topic. :smile: