name your LV "boutique" !

  1. In which shop do you usually get your LVs and what do you like or dislike about that shop ?

    I have only been to Paris -St Germain, LV flagship before its transformation, and LV Galeries Lafayettes.
    What I liked about St Germain was the peaceful atmosphere, not crowded, and nice patient SA's.
  2. I've only bought accessories from the LV in Tysons, VA. Nice men that work there,
  3. San Francisco Union Square for me...I love the city, the selection, the store and the SA's are soo nice!
  4. Downtown San Francisco, off Geary St. I just like the atmosphere of buying it in a regular store better than on a counter in a department store - I guess I'm picky though. I've also bought at Valley Fair too, and had a good experience there as well.
  5. LV in Garden State Plaza is where I shop. The majority of the SA's are very nice and helpful.
  6. LV Ala Moana. Only thing it's so crowded most of the time with Japanese tourists. I've only been to the one on Kalakaua (Waikiki) couple times.
  7. I've only bought in Chicago. The SAs at the Saks LV on michigan ave are fabulous! Also bought from the main LV boutique on michigan Ave. and won't be going back anytime soon (bad experience when buying groom items + the Saks store doesn't charge me sales tax when shipping to my house while the main boutique does)
  8. louis vuitton in the Dallas Galleria, or Nieman Marucs, or Saks
  9. LV in Fashion Valley..I like them but sometimes they don't call when they should. I only go to the Neiman counter when necessary..I don't like the service there.
    When I'm on vacation, I sometimes go to either LV South Coast Plaza or Rodeo Dr, whichever's closer to where I am at the time.
  10. eLuxury. No LV shops anywhere near me. I love elux because they have awesome customer service, everything comes nicely packaged, and items ship pretty quickly.
  11. LV store in Houston's Galleria Mall and eluxury :yes:

  12. Both of Mine as well!:yes:
  13. LV Champs elysee flagship
  14. South Coast Plaza or Beverly Center
  15. LV Santa Clara, or better known as the one in Valley Fair.