Name Your Flaps......(classic and reissues)

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  1. Ok so I'm feeling guilty because I promised myself that I was done w/ flaps for a while.

    I have been recently able to locate some hard to find older reissue colors and thought I was content. But I'm not. An SA sent the dark silver to me to look at and I love it. I'm feling sooo guilty about keeping it......then there the metallic flap that everyone keeps teasing me w/ pics on the forum:sweatdrop:

    I'm curious about all the other flap owners out there. What do you have? Anyone own 10 or more ? I can't beleive that I do.:nogood::supacool:

    They are go great and easy to carry though. how ca nyou not want one in every color?:p


    List them--color and size

    (^use the number list at the toolbar up top so we can keep it neat ;))​

    I'll start
    1. Black Jumbo Flap (old chain)
    2. White Jumbo Flap (old chain)
    3. Dark Beige Jumbo (old chain)
    4. Dark White Jumbo (new chain)
    5. Red Jumbo Flap (new chain)
    6. Grey 228 Reissue Anniversary
    7. White 227 Reissue Anniversary
    8. Dark Gold Reissue 2006
    9. Dark Silver Reissue .......waivering :sweatdrop:
    10. Black 227 Reissue anniversay (on its way)
    Phew. No one else tell me about another new color. I sooooo need to be done.:push:

    Who's next?
  2. Come on already. I'm not the only one w/ a flap. :p
  3. I believe I only own 7 Chanels at the moment. I only have three flaps and I definitely will be adding to my flap collection.

    Here goes:

    Jumbo Grey 2.55 Anniversary Bag with S/H
    Jumbo Black Caviar with S/H
    Jumbo Patent Navy Classic with S/H
  4. mine would be:

    1. red jumbo caviar flap (bijoux chain)
    2. hot pink jumbo caviar
    3. burgundy/bordeaux 228
    4. grey 227
    5. navy patent 227
    6. metallic black 227
    7. dark silver 227 (on it's way:graucho:)
    8. dark gold PNY expandable flap

  5. If i ever saw you on the street w/ your bordeaux reissue then you'd better watch your back:boxing:
    LOL:roflmfao: Love that bag:heart:
  6. ^^:graucho::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I have ONE.
    Not because I don't WANT more, but because my poor bank account can't take it.
    Mine is a Medium Caviar in White. Old Chain.
  8. I have:

    white jumbo flap
    black jumbo flap
    red jumbo flap (new chain)
    black medium caviar classic flap
    black mini classic flap
    white classic e/w flap
    orange classic mini classic flap
    grey reissue
    navy patent reissue
    lambskin classic flap

    I think Im missing a few and Im trying REALLY hard not to buy another one I have my eye on. I LOVE all my flaps and can see me using them for many years to come.
  9. I am new to Chanel and managed to buy three flaps within two weeks:

    Metallic Black reissue 226
    Light silver reissue 226
    Black caviar e/w with single classic chain

    I have to stop for a while! :p
  10. Black lambskin jumbo gold chain
    Medium black caviar with old chain silver
    Black caviar jumbo with bijoux chain
    Beige e/w caviar with gold chain
    Coral medium flap with gold chain
  11. medium black lambskin with silver HW
    medium beige caviar with silver HW
    medium black lambskin with gold HW
    metallic black reissue 227

    hopefully another reissue will be on its way...:graucho:
  12. 1. black MC small flap (my first foray into flaps...) with tarnished silver chain
    2. choco bubble quilt small flap with pale rosegold chain
    3. distressed blue lambskin small flap with silver chain
    4. distressed black Leo small flap with tarnished silver chain
    5. dark silver reissue 226 flap (but this may not be a keeper though)
    6. soon-to-arrive dark brown Sharpey pony flap with silver chain...uh oh, this is not a classic or reissue but thought i'd throw it in there anyway since i'm so excited about it!
  13. 1. beige lambskin jumbo flap gold h/w
    2. grey reissue 227
    3. dark silver 227
    4. purple jumbo silver h/w
    5. blue fonce caviar jumbo silver h/w
    6. dark blue caviar jumbo gold h/w
    7. blue patent reissue gold h/w
    8. navy medium classic flap
    9. navy large classic flap (2)
    10. brown distressed reissue 227 ruthinium h/w
    11. red caviar jumbo classic silver h/w
    12. mini white classic gold h/w
    13. black jumbo classic gold h/w
    14. black XL jumbo classic gold h/w
    15. black lambskin jumbo classic silver h/w
    16. black caviar classic jumbo gold h/w
    17. black medium classic gold h/w
    18. black double face classic jumbo gold h/w
    19. black metallic reissue ruthinium h/w
    20. black patent reissue gold h/w
    21. black patent double face classic jumbo gold h/w
    22. black anniversary reissue 226
    23. black anniversary ressiue 228
    24. white distressed reissue ruthinium h/w
    26. b/w tweed medium classic silver h/w
    27. b/w & sequins tweed medium classic silver h/w
    28. black chevon evening flap gold h/w
    29. beige caviar jumbo gold h/w (on its way)
    30. navy patent classic jumbo silver h/w (on its way)

    As a wise woman said early ... "I sooooo need to be done" but I need a BURGUNDY classic or reissue.
  14. :wtf:Wow!!!!
  15. Classic Black Perfor Jumbo w/Silver HW
    That was in the beginning of the year. I intend to get one each year and add on. These babies are pricey!!!
    I wish my next one to be a Jumbo w/COLOUR!!!