Name your favorite speedy....

  1. Is it mono, mini lin, daimer, azur, epi and the list goes on....tell us which speedy is your favorite and why...
  2. Hard call, I have the mono, the multicolore in black & in white and the Azur all 30's but I have to say I think I love my Mono best:smile: I can wear it with anything!
  3. Fuschia Neo Speedy!
  4. i like the Damier, Cerises and Denim (all of which i have :p). the Monogram is too common and boring, the Epi is too 'severe', and the Multicolore and Patchwork are too much
  5. For me it's damier, worry free w/ no vachetta perfect for all weather, not so common as mono, love the red interior and the check pattern, and how it goes so well w/ clothes. My mono speedy is my least favorite bag, way too common and so many gross fakes that it's turned me off a bit to it, plus that handle it's so vulnerable, but I still love it anyway and will never part with it.

  6. you are so right, very well said. I do still like the epi though and want one nevertheless, but it is a bit severe, you really nailed it.
  7. For me it's mono 30. =)
  8. the mono 30 is such a fashion staple imo, it's like owning a white blouse/shirt or a black skirt, you just gotta have one! lol
  9. :rochard:
  10. Mono!:tup:
  11. well, I only have one speedy, so it's my favorite! But I do love it, it's a damier azur 30, it's just so pretty. I love the vachetta, I love seeing it start to turn just a bit, it is just getting prettier. I think I'd like a normal damier speedy too, maybe in the future!
  12. damier azur speedy 25 :biggrin: perfect size for me (30 too big!) and i just love the light colors. i was so drawn to their whole cruise '07 campaign. lol. the colors relax me or something.
  13. Damier Speedy is my favorite, then follow by neo speedy and azur speedy.
  14. Oh! a very hard question to answer. I love the look of speedy style. I have two and I want another one.

    If I have to choose only one, I will choose an Azur. I think it is very cute and I was falling in love at the first time when I saw it.

    I hate Mono speedy .........
  15. I have a mono speedy 30 and a brand new green perfo speedy- so that is my new favorite.