Name your Favorite Everyday Minerals products. Go!

  1. I'm going to place an order soon and am looking for new products to try....

    Mine: Snooze bar blush.

  2. I mix Fairly Light and Sunkist Fair for the perfect foundation shade.
    My favorite eyeshadow is Starry Eyed.
  3. I love this eyeshadow combo: on the phone, good china, and in the garden

    and I use the tinted silk dust over any foundation I use and the intensive fair concealer everyday even if it's the only thing I wear.

    has anyone tried the lip colors?
  4. oh and I've been using the original glo golden fair but was thinking about trying the semi-matte or matte, anyone have a preference?
  5. Yay, love this thread! I'm a HUGE Everyday Minerals fan!

    Blush: Swimming Pool
    Eyeshadow: Rare Silk, Ping Pong and Hot Chocolate (I couldn't pick just one!)
    Foundation: Sandy Fair, Original Glo
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Everday Minerals.

    Fav foundation/concealers: goes on as follows .. sunlight, multitasking (love this stuff) - foundation ( I mix two shades together)

    Fav blush: Apple, wafflecone (it's so pretty all over the face too)

    Eyeshadow: Raw silk (or is it rare silk?)
  7. I'm fairly new to this brand... but I like their Golden Fair in Original Glo for a finish after my tinted moisturizer. :smile:

    For some reason the bronzer I tried didn't work out too well.. oh well
  8. Awesome: Waffle Cone was one of my choices, and I'm getting a sample of hot chocolate as well.

    I'm so tempted to order the eye shadow kit....
  9. I bought three of the glosses and they were:tdown:all three were just about colorless and the texture wasn't nice.
  10. I love the tinted silk dust, and their blush in knick-knack and apple. I also like the foundation, can't think of the shades right now. I'm too lazy to go to my makeup cabinet and look. :shame: