Name your favorite Daimer handbag....

  1. :P
  2. I only have speedy 30,belem pm and recoleta in damier, they are all my Favs..I love to add Saleya and duomo at some point..
  3. do you prefer mono canvas or daimer for your Speedy which do you use more????
  4. bagsnbags--do you find the belem pm comfortable? I was considering this for myself, but also wondered about the MM since it is bigger and can be worn on the shoulder. Thanks for any advice.

    LVpug--thanks for starting this thread bc I am looking into my first damier piece and want input too!:yes:
  5. Duomo!!:love:

    Second choice would be the Belem, the shape is so cute!
  6. belem pm! i have it and love it! :tender:
  7.'s tough I hardly carry them now..I carry damier speedy 4 times at the most since I bought it.Mono speedy was my first love and has been hybernating for more than 9 months..she's almost 4yo

    Lately I've been carrying belem , white Trouville and vernis lexington
    I won't say Belem is my fav , it is just in the roster to be carried..
  8. i don't own any Damier handbag, but i really like the D.Alma.... you can never go wrong with any Alma bag... and you won't see it around as much as a D.Speedy or D.Papillon :yes:
  9. I LOVE my Ipanema GM! Holds all kinds of crap!
  10. I like PM but yes the handles are too short, I wished it's 2 inches longer

    MM is great but the long handles make it looks odd..I don't know why. Belem is great bag because the opening is wide and 2 side open pockets are very handy for keys etc..Plus I haven't seen anybody with it even at the mall..
    It's roomy but not bulky..Very comfortable bag..

    Actually I don't mind MM if the handles are little is cute size..
  11. Duomo:heart: :heart:
  12. papillon!
  13. i am lusting for my first daimer piece too and it shall be the speedy 25!
  14. I haven't owned any Damier yet but the models in my mind are Duomo and Ribera MM. If anyone has got both, please tell me which one I should get first. :wondering Thanks a lot.
    Alma is not bad either but i prefer its old golden hardware.
  15. I really like the duomo & alma. Both are very cute........