Name your favorite Coach Tote

  1. I am looking for a larger bag, and considering the "tote" style. I need something to carry work related items when I am out assessing patients. Right now I pull a brief case on wheels and carry my new Chelsea. Was thinking I could carry a tote and it would hold what I need from the brief case while I am out, and only need the brief case when I am teaching a class or doing an inservice and need the laptop.

    Pictures would be really helpful.

  2. Mine would be my punch sig. stripe:drool:
    Ebay Pics 308.jpg
  3. Denim Sig Stripe Tote! it has legacy lining and is so classic looking.
  4. The denim signature tote or the GiGi Signature Tote that was released.
  5. Ooh...I vote for the legcy gigi tote..It would fit your laptop, I believe, as well as some other items.
  6. Hamptons Business Tote. You could easily fit a laptop and patient files in it, and it always looks classic.
  7. I do really like the look of the GIGI. Is it easy to wear, find things in, etc?
  8. Ergo Vintage tote is so beautiful! Close Second is the Gigi tote in any color.


  9. I love that GIGI - wow!!

    My own favorite tote is my b&w sig!
    Coach tote b&w.jpg
  10. The lg. denim tote is fabulous!
  11. I bought the scribble multifunction tote for my laptop because I wanted a bag with the detachable crossbody strap. Unless your laptop is super light, I find that my shoulder gets tired of lugging the laptop around along with the other stuff in your bag.


    That bag, however, maybe too casual for you. So I would suggest the signature stripe magazine tote, in case you do want a tote that can also accommodate a laptop if you need to.

  12. Those are the two I have, in the same colors, and were the exact two I was going to mention. *LOL* Thanks for saving me the work!
  13. I don't have a picture of it, but I love my crimson stripe signature tote (you can order it from JAX) -- it's like ranskimmie's punch stripe tote, but with a crimson red stripe and crimson interior instead. I use it for work all the time and I just love it!
  14. I'd definitely have to say my Signature Stripe Denim Tote because it matches a lot of things. Plus the pretty lining gives it a special touch.

    Denim Tote Front 2.jpg Denim Tote Interior.jpg
  15. My favorite Coach tote of all time is the Black Optic Sig. Baby/Multifunction bag----I just wish I could get my hands on one:p.

    But for your needs I would also suggest the Hamptons Business tote. I have one in black and I use it all the time and it holds a buch!!!!