Name your fav ICON LV handbag...

  1. For me it is the LOCKIT HORIZONTAL followed by the SPEEDY 30:yahoo:
  2. Alma!
  3. taco love your avatar tres cute...alma is so nice...I think everyone needs at least one or two iconic bags in their collection that is just my opinion...
  4. In the collection? or in general?

    speedy and alma..
  5. In your collection or in general...I love the ICON bags and think that everyone needs at least one...ohhh the speedy and alma are so nice!!
  6. Alma!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  7. I think the Speedy, followed by the Alma!
  8. speedy and papillon. ;)
  9. speedy!
  10. I love the Speedy, but I also love the Manhattan GM (which will soon be added to my collection!).
  11. I love the Manhattan but, wonder if it will be has popular in 5 or 10 years...obviously you are buying it for right now so that is what counts...I love the fact that the ICON bags are timeless people have had them for so long so you really cannot date them whereas I wonder if people will say ohh yah there is a Manhattan from 2005-2006 circa Marc Jacobs..that is one of the reasons I chose to go with ICON bags because they are not "it" bags..they were never in or out just timeless so you cannot go wrong...still I would :heart: :heart: :heart: the manhattan GM!
  12. Speedy!!
  13. I think Speedy

    Timeless and classic can be dress up and dress down and no matter what you wear. It looks good
  14. I'll say Speedy, but let's see when the Lockit gets here.
  15. speedy and alma