Name your crushes!

  1. I'm pretty sure everyone has at least one celebrity crush (from a movie, tv show, etc) that they'd love to met or... erm, do other things to :graucho: .

    I've had a crush on Anderson Cooper (:love:) for the longest time, I just realized it a couple of weeks ago! My geeky crushes are on Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. What can I say, I love men with brains?

    In the past, I've had a crush on:
    -Sean Bean, still have a crush on him!
    -Orlando Bloom, now
    -Jake Gyllenhaal
    -Gary Dourdan (from CSI)
    -George Eads (also from CSI)
    -Eric Szmanda (again, CSI)
    -George Clooney (just for a little bit, until I met an uncle who looked like his twin *hides in corner*)
    -Justin Timberlake, back during the N*Sync days!
    -Leonardo DiCaprio, circa Titanic
    -Ian Somerhalder

    All these guys are all at least12 years older than me! Some are double my age... Oh no. :shame:

    Who are yours?
  2. Clive Owen :girlsigh:
  3. -julian mcmahon
    -johnny depp, circa "21 jumpstreet"
    -keanu reeves
    -brad pitt
    and i think there's 2 more but i'm drawing a blank right now, sorry
  4. oh man. where do I start?

    johnny depp
    george clooney
    brad pitt
    orlando bloom
    andy garcia
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Stewart Townsend (name correct? Charlizes guy....)

    I gotta go splash my face now...
  5. George Clooney.
    George Clooney.
    And, did I mention George Clooney?
  6. Hayden Christensen. :love:
  7. LOL! When I was little, I had a crush on the little red headed boy from Lost In Space(the orig series---Will Robinson??? lol) and a cartoon character---Keith from Voltron!!! HAHAHA! I was such a dork. :roflmfao:

    Then, later it was Tom Cruise(Top Gun and Cocktail era) then Brad Pitt.
  8. you think YOU were a dork! when I was a kid, I had a crush on Scott Tracy from the Thunderbirds! HE WAS A PUPPET!


    c'mon, isnt he dreamy???:love:
  9. Wentworth Miller from Prison Break
  10. Colin Farrel
    Wentworth Miller
    George Clooney
    Robert Deniro(godfather part II)
  11. Scarlett don't make me fight you for Wentworth because I will.
  12. Keanu Reeves :tender:

    Colin Farrell

    Jeremy Northam

    Christian Bale

    Ian Somerhalder

  13. :roflmfao:

    We don't have much longer for new episodes. The new season starts in a few weeks!:yahoo:
  14. I don't have a crush on Anderson Cooper..but he is sexy in some way...maybe it's his silver hair! LOL

    But, mine are:
    johnny depp
    orlando bloom
    jensen ackles
    james franco
    brad bitt
    That's all I can think of right now..
  15. jack bauer. and yes, i know he's not real. :smile:
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