Name your best ebay deals!

  1. With all the talk bashing eBay, I started thinking about why I still love it.... and all I have to do is look in the direction of my closet. :smile:

    My best deal of all time was probably a pair of Hollywould silver ballet flats, brand new with the box, for a Buy it Now price of $15!!! I have no idea what the seller was thinking, but the rest of his shoes weren't great brands, so I can only assume he didn't know what he had.

    Other great stuff:

    -vintage pale gold Ferragamo pumps, great cond,$20

    -true religion jeans, the dark denim with gold stitching (orig. nearly $500) for $85 --it was xmas, and i guess no one else was on their computer to bid ;)

    -my tanner krolle bag with the cutouts--twice! the first one was only about $150, but it got stolen not soon after i bought it. sure enough, a few months later, i found it again for $250 (although it had grown some hair in the time we were apart--the first one was suede, but the one i have now has pony hair).

    -a brand new lauren moffatt tunic for $25 that i'd been eyeing at Barneys

    -a union denim skirt for $6 (also a buy it now; probably retailed for $150ish!)

    Honestly, there's so much great stuff if you know where to look! I just avoid the mainstream brands (why does Banana Republic sell for so much?!), and the frequently knocked-off high end designers in favor of lesser-known designers (like Lauren Moffatt, Foley & Corinna, etc.)... if you look for stuff no one else is searching for, you can get such incredible deals.
  2. yep, I so agree. all my designer bags are from eBay (authentic although I had to lose some feathers and learn some important eBay lessons....) and a lot of shoes and clothes are.

    my best deals: BV bag for around $300 (no one was interested at the time...), Chanel bag for $400. also some pairs of shoes were real bargains.

    I still love ebay although you have to be super careful.
  3. Shoes have always come good for me! And hard to find items which may not always be bargains but seemed like an achievement because I wanted them so much and they weren't available anywhere else - lots of theatre related stuff in that category. I am toying with buying a car, but Ebay for such a huge purchase frightens me even though there seem to be lots of potential deals about.
  4. A little Prada bag (used a few times) with buy it now of $75 with free shipping. NM still had it at the time for $300.

    Stuff from Victoria's Secret clothing catalogs for about 1/4 of the retail prices.

    Oh, and my favorite, text books! I used to find text books over $100 in the school bookstore for less than $20.

    I'm so afraid of ebay now, but looking back, I have gotten some great deals.
  5. My best deal would have to be an engagement ring I bought. I was looking on ebay for a setting to reset my diamond and I came across a platinum and diamond engagement ring that only had 10 minutes left and no bids. The starting bid was $150.00 and it was originally purchased for over $1000. I bid and won! I reset my diamond in the setting and was very happy with it. I reset the diamond from the ebay ring in another setting that I purchased on ebay for $60 and sold that ring for $250.
  6. That's true. I've just been scammed so I've been harboring bad thoughts about ebay the past couple of days. But if I look on the brighter side of things, I see that the deals bring a smile to my face.

    [​IMG] Won at $20.50 US

    [​IMG] Fendi paperweight won at $10 US
  7. I look at Ebay as my playground and scored a great Kooba Jessie in raisin for $150.00. What made it so special was that I had been hunting for that bag for quite some time.