Name your all time favorite speedy...

  1. Name your all time favorite speedy... I only own one which is the speedy 30 mono canvas...would love more....:yahoo:
  2. Only one ??? I can't do it and I only have two :Push: damier 30 and daimer azur 25
  3. my damier speedy 25
  4. Me too:yes: I have to name both of my only and very favs. Mono speedy 30 and cerises:love:
  5. damier speedy
  6. Both my mono and mc, equally love for my babies!
  7. hard to choose!!

    I would have to say my mono speedy 35:smile:
  8. Don't have any speedys, lol
    but I LOVE the white graffiti one!
  9. I love my cerises speedy 25 so I guess I would say that one and the mono??:shrugs:
  10. My black MC Speedy. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag!!!!

    I carried it today with a salmon Tommy sweater, stone jeans and boots.:supacool:


    This bag looks great with a vibrant color top/blouse and jeans or dark slacks.
  11. I have a mono speedy 25 & a black MC speedy - I can't choose since they are both equal in my book. :yes:
  12. My Mono Speedy 25 :love:
  13. it will always be someone's first..

    so for me, it'd be my damier :smile:
  14. My damier 30, but someday i'll own a MC speedy and it will take the top spot!
  15. I only have one :sad: my azur but I love it!
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