Name your all time favorite Epi bag....

  1. What is your favorite Epi bag and why??????
  2. green epi speedy
  3. red epi alma
  4. red and toledo blue speedy... also the toledo blue noe... just the looks make the bags awesome to me.
  5. Mine is the Toledo Epi Saint Jacques... need I explain why? IT'S GORGEOUS!!! :drool:
  6. Black epi speedy or alma
  7. epi jasmine - I love this but don't have it yet....
  8. my epi lilac backpack ... why? because I love the color ...
  9. At the moment I'm in love with Bourget travel bag, which looks so much better IRL than online. Overall I think a mandarin noe is one of the prettiest LV bags in existence.
  10. Black or red Alma- the classiest, most timelessly elegant shape

    A VERY close second is my black St Jacques (see pic to left)!
  11. lilac speedy! altho i do love the jasmin too ;)
  12. The Alma in any colour (I have ivoire) - timeless, elegant and nice clean lines!
  13. My red epi speedy! I just love the color and the shape. It's DH's favorite, too. :biggrin:
  14. I love my mandarin pochette. :smile: Nothing like a little splash of orange to an outfit.
  15. uummm tricky one I think I'll go for yellow epi cannes because it is such a unique shape and the purple lining really makes it pop

    after that something mandarin maybe a noe that's hot