name ur fave bag and pics welcome!

  1. i bet this thread has started before, but im curious what everyone's favorite bag is...and i wonder if everyone's favorite bag is a bag they own or not...

    for me, i love my cerises speedy 25, it is SO cute and even tho it's been out for a while, i still use it quite frequently and i just love looking at the smiling and confused looking cherries haha:yahoo:

    show me pics of ur favorite =D
  2. MC speedy in white and black
  3. For hand held, it's the mono speedy 25
    and for shoulder bag it's the epi leather petite noe in red
  4. Saleya PM in Damier - Just LOVE this bag!
  5. Right now, it's Saleya PM in Azur!
  6. haha so i gues people's favorite bag changes with feeling the bedford in pomme, maybe that will be my next favorite, it's such a sexy bag!
  7. Hmmmm right now I am loving the Neo Cabby MM in blue. I also love my Silver Grafitti Speedy, I never get tired of that one.
  8. Right now- denim mini pleaty
  9. Monogram Multipli'- Cite