Name three LV items you thought you liked until you saw them IRL

  1. and three items you weren't interested in until you saw them IRL:

    I thought I liked, until I saw them IRL:

    1.) The groom line: they are cute, but the image looks like it could rub off easily. Also, I could use my money towards another bag for the price of some of the wallets.
    2.) The Mono Papillon 30: I like the shape of the bag, and the baby papillon, but the mono doesn't do the shape justice. The papillon is much cuter in the Damier canvas.
    3.) Colored Vernis: I like the Framboise and Indigo colors, but for some reason, I am only attracted to patent leather if it is black; everything else looks like plastic to me.

    I didn't like the following bags, until I saw them IRL:

    1.) The MC Speedy: I hated the bag when I saw it on Jessica Simpson, but when the hype died down, and I saw it IRL, I fell in love with the bag.
    2.) The Noe: I first associated the Noe with old ladies at the market, but I like the casual shape and the fact that it makes a sturdy, knock-around bag. It also looks great with a simple tee and jeans.
    3.) The Denim line (Baggy PM): Hated, hated, hated this line when it first came out because I thought it was overpriced, but the bag is stylish and casual. I have gotten my money's worth, and the most compliments, with this bag.
  2. Hmm, so far, only the mini lin line. But that's not because it doesn't look nice IRL but because the material seems not that durable.
  3. I thought I like it but Nay:

    1. Tikal GM : It's too fat and round for my taste

    2. Amazone: Somehow I find the opening is very stiff

    3.Multipli-cite : Bigger than I anticipated..

    Didin't get groom not because I don't like but because I had to purchase bigger item from my wish list..

    I didn't like it until I saw someone carry it IRL or pics:

    Almost every single bags in the visuals thread LOL
  4. The Damier Vaslav looked nice online, but the shape was quite awkward when I saw it.

    Damier Geant line.. I liked the sporty look, but it was screaming LV much louder than the monogram.

  5. I forgot about this bag..wasn't that impressed.

    I think if I had money to burn, I would get mono lin speedy just for the sake of it.
  6. 3 bags I thought I'd like till I saw them:

    Mini lin Speedy, too thin and not substantial enough

    Vavin PM, much too small

    Pink denim speedy, hated the color irl

    3 bags I hated till I saw them

    blue denim speedy
    Manhattan pm
    damier speedy
  7. Three items I liked but didn't after seeing them IRL (in no particular order):

    1. Damier Knightsbridge - it was a cute bag but IRL it was a little too bulky/big for me
    2. Inclusion keychain - it was pretty alright, but felt WAY too light to be worth $260 CDN!
    3. Can't think of a third one...

    Three items I didn't like until I saw it IRL
    1. Cerises Speedy - It was so cute! And the girl carrying it wore it so well.
    2. Sac Shopping - boyfriend's cousin wore it to family dinner, it was a little big but a nice bag!
    3. Monogram in general - used to hate LV and hate monogram, now that I've seen it enough and own a few pieces I'm hooked!
  8. Um..well I don't particularly like the silver hardware on the new brown epi and suhali colors, and I really don't like the Lockit bags at ALL.
    Oh and I still can't stand the Ambre line from a couple years ago. It sounded a lot cuter before it first came out then I saw it and ugh.
  9. I so Thought I loved....

    The Neverfull, Trianon...was so set to buy!buy! buy!... didn't translate in person, because it is a pretty evpensive piece, ended up getting a bunch of stuff in it's place.

    Rift, MC, print is too large for small item.

    CITE GM, The red lining just seems wrong on the mono.
  10. Didn't like until IRL:
    Damier Naviglio (now own!)
    Large Reporter (now own!)
    Cerises Collection

    Liked until IRL:
    Sac A Dos Bosphore Backpack
    Damier Melville Messenger
    Pochette Bosphore
  11. A few bags I thought I would like until I saw them in real life:

    White MC Alma (and all almas): looked smaller than I imagined
    Batignolles Horizontal: I really liked this online and on other members here but on me it was terrible
    Cabas Mezzo: too boxy and uncomfortable, feels like a book under my arm. I still like it but Im just not as crazy about it as I thought I would be.
  12. I thought I liked, until I saw them IRL:

    Epi Mabillon
    Epi Pochette Accessoires
    Suhali L'Aimable

    I thought I disliked, until I saw them IRL:

    Multicolore Alma
    Suhali Le Talentueux
    Suhali Le Fabuleux
  13. Hahaha I have all 3 of those exactly!
  14. Thought I liked, but not for me IRL:

    1. Jack & Lucie. The little heads seemed way too light to me and pricey. I still think they're cute though!

    2. Popincort Haut - Too structured

    3. Mono Speedy 25 (but I love the ones with a nice patina)

    Wasn't sure about, but love IRL:

    1. Damier Speedy 25
    2. Batignolles Horizontal :yahoo:
    3. All MC :love:
  15. I thought I liked till I saw it IRL
    The strap is awkard
    The strap is too short and the bag is too small.
    The closure is awkward and the handles are uncomfortable

    I thought I hated till I saw IRL
    I own it in brun
    I own it in all three colours
    I own it in plumb, geranium, and bleu