Name this wallet...

  1. eluxury has it as one of the pics for the porte tresor by accident..... what is it? i can't seem to find one on the site anywhere...

  2. I have that! I can't remember what it's called. I'll go look.
  3. OK..... Pochette porte porte-monnaie credit, I think...? M61734
  4. Yeah, since the azur ordeal, I've noticed a lot more errors on elux, are they smoking crack over there? Look at the mens "Small Leather Goods" Under the damier...theres like 6 things in there that are not damier!
    Like the attached pictures!~
    And in that last one, are those two things new items? I don't remember seeing them before, I'm afraid to order them for fear elux will pull them tomorrow and say their not supposed to be realeased until Nov. 1st :rolleyes:
    messeduplv1.JPG messeduplv2.JPG newlv.JPG
  5. Pochette wallet.:yes: The Groom one has the red interior and it is gorgeous:love: