Name this Vintage Kooba

  1. No, I don't think that one is the Shelby... Here's a link to a recently completed Shelby listing:

    Olive Kooba Shelby

    I'll browse around a little to see if I can find a name for the one you're looking at.
  2. I'm not finding anything...

    Gosh, there's nothing out there about those old Koobas.
  3. I know! I wish there was some kind of guide and listing of past purses. What year and season they came from, etc and the color names. I bet it came from the Shelby/Bridget era because of the leather. Cool bag but too much money I think.
  4. It's called the Vivian, I like the cracked leather but hate how the shiny leather gets duller with wear.
  5. Now how did you find this out? I need to make a file and keep all the Kooba bags charted. Do you know what year this was? Do you think it's worth 200?
  6. Haha, I just remember, also because I also have the Bridget in the same brown crackle leather. I might sell that one though. I love the style but would not know what to wear with it. So maybe not for me, I have way too much brown anyway.
  7. So, if I have this correct... From smallest to biggest would go like this.

    Bridget, Vivian, Shelby


  8. I think so, kind of like this new season, Devin, Elisha, Bonnie, and the Bonnie is the smaller version of the Devin.
  9. ^Got it. Except the Bonnie is more like the Elisha than the Devin... ;)
  10. Man, am I confused!
  11. Keep up Lindy! Keep up!

    Devin = Keilbasa
    Elisha = Hotdog
    Bonnie = Vienna Sausage

    Got it?:nuts:
  12. Keilbasa, hotdog, vienna sausage...yep.

    Years ago I had 3 boyfriends that were ranked that way.

    *evil grin*
  13. Oh Man....we are Baaaaad!!!
    You being worse than me! LOL
  14. ^Lindy, I am speechless!