Name this Vintage Hermes

  1. Could anyone tell me the name of this bag?
    Also, how much does Hermes charge to get their bags cleaned?
  2. I've never been charged to have my bags cleaned and polished...mine are sent to Paris, but I believe others here have different experiences with their cleaning.

    Can't see your pics......
  3. The price of refurbishing depends on your location. Ask your store. I can't see your pics either.
  4. No pics :shrugs:
  5. Sorry, my pics were too big. Here they are.
    hermes small.jpg hermes hardware.jpg
  6. I have to pay to have my Hermes bags cleaned. We have a craftsman here to do the cleaning. If the bag needs serious repair, it has to be sent to Paris. The charges depend on the work done on the bag.
  7. What are the measurements of this bag, ( am just wondering if the photo has squised them) I will then go and try look it up
    I pay 90£ for polishing in the uk

    Its a truly lovely bag
  8. Your bag is pure retro-chic. It looks to be in decent shape. Why don't you use it a bit before sending her to the spa?
  9. I just received one back from spa treatment and was charged $50. The other exotic has not returned yet.
  10. I've never seen this bag before.
  11. Oh, this is not my bag. It's a bag I'm considering buying and I wanted to know the name and factor in the cleaning costs. But thank you all for your responses!
  12. 23.5 cm X 19 cm X 10 cm are the measurements
  13. In the US standard cleaning is $80, but price will vary depending on how much work needs to be done and where you live. Keep in mind, that there is a limit to how much the craftsman can refurbish.
  14. I was thinking about buying, except perhaps $250 is too much considering it's full of pen marks on the inside.
  15. ^^Oy! Claude once told me they don't touch the insides of the bags. The exterior does look good, though.