Name this style

  1. Hello ladies... Could you tell me what style of bag this is? And what line does it come from?


  2. looks like it s part of the line that came out this year.. for some reason the name escpaes me.. it came out in the spring.. i want to say hamptons but....
  3. I think it's a Hamptons Weekend Tote?

    Hamptons for sure though!
  4. The item number is 10668 and I agree that it's part of the Hampton's weekend line but not sure of the exact name. Anyway, you can call Coach at their 800 number and give them that item number to find out more about it. It's cute!
  5. Thanks ladies! I think it's adorable too and would make a great carry-on bag. HOpefully I'll be able to find it on eBay.
  6. its hamptons but for some reason i think it is a factory exclusive.