Name this shoes ..

  1. How makes these? I think they are so cute :love:
  2. No idea who makes them, but they are lush!:love:
    That's gotta be a 5" heel, hasn't it?
  3. wow! they are fabulous! I don't know who makes them but they look very Kors. hummmm Ill have a look & see......
  4. how high!!!they must be at least 12cm!!!!
    eva longoria is looking good these days!:biggrin:
  5. when does she not look great? :biggrin:

  6. I'm not sure but i'm lovin them :smile:
  7. Any news on the maker yet?

    Dang it! I neeed those shoes! I wonder if I emailed her agent if they'd know or even tell me......:biggrin:
  8. I admired that shoe all so
  9. They kinda look like my Miu Miu black superplats or could be Kors
  10. thank you soooooo much!!! Annemerrick!
    I've just got to track the mdown here in the UK now! thanks!! I need those shoes!!
  11. thank you ladies.
  12. did you get them?? I want them sooo bad but no one in UK has them :sad:

    hummmm, maybe I'll risk the impurt & customs duty fairy......... :biggrin: