Name this shoe, please!

  1. I saw these shoes on while perusing the Savvy department. I looked through the Salon Shoe department and didn't see these. Does anyone know who makes these cuties? Love the color, the red heel and the big button on the side. Cute! Thanks in advance!
    _5476444.jpg _5476460.jpg
  2. No! Ashakes is such the rockstar! She's awesome. Thanks so much. I've never bought a pair of Dolce Vita. How are they?
  3. i love dolce vita designs, but the pair i have are very uncomfortable. the quality is great though, and i love the shoebox/dustbag they come with, which makes them feel more expensive than they are. i would say definitely try them on at nordie's before you take the plunge!
  4. That was my first thought too. :tup: