Name This Purse?

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  1. I bought this purse from my wife from the galleria in houston texas, i know it had a super hefty price tag but I dont know the technical name of the purse! I have some super CC bils and rent is comming up soon so I asked her if we could sell one of her purses to help out. This one was the most valuable and she only carried it twice from the time we bought it! Can anyone tell me how much I should ask for it? And the Technical name of the purse? Its in PERFECT condition if that helps with estimating its worth!

    P.S sry about the crapy camera phone pictures!
    DSC08914.JPG DSC08915.JPG DSC08916.JPG DSC08918.JPG DSC08919.JPG
  2. no one wants to help a noob out?:flowers:
  3. it appears to be an Alize 24 heures.
  4. There is NO selling/trading on tPF.
  5. I don't think selling is allowed on the purse forum.
  6. ya, no selling/advertising :banned:hehe

  7. thats not cool!
  8. Perhaps, but it is also not cool to register and not read the guidelines:yes:
Thread Status:
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