Name this Line of Dooney and youll get....

  1. A BIG Thank You from me :smile:
    Anyways, This is my friends bag. She bought it from Younkers. Im interested in buying her some accessories for her. I dont know the line which this bag is from though, its not even on the Dooney and Bourke website! It also has little ants on it if that helps? :shrugs:
  2. Sorry, forgot the pic :shame:
  3. im going to say picnic. but that may be wrong.
    its just a guess..
  4. Thats exactly what i was thinking. looked it up, found nothing
  5. Madras.
  6. ^i hope thats it. i was thinking picnic because it was colorful and it had ants on it...because ants like picnics.
    i actually know NOTHING about d+b...i had just heard picnic before..
  7. M E R I K A ! ! ! :yahoo: :::HUGS TO YOU!!::: :heart:
  8. Madras Bucket handbag....very cute!! I do believe that the Madras line is on sale on
  9. moving to Handbag Forum . . .
  10. I thought it was picnic too for some reason. Isn't madras the name of the plaid ones? :confused1: