Name This Kooba, PLS!!

  1. Oh, KBL! You beat me to that one. You have some beautiful bags there, Shelzbags. I'm toting around my Renee at this time but you're making me want to get out another of my oldies.
  2. Well, I'm kind of obsessed with Kooba at the moment. I'm buying all these older ones off eBay and I love that old Kooba leather. I have a bunch of other ones, too, but don't have your knowledge. I like to know their names. It's so much fun to read these threads. I'll have to go look up Renee, now, thanks to you. ;)
  3. I love the 2006 Koobas, too. In hindsight, it would have been cool if Kooba included the name of the bag on the tag...oh well. We have the expertise available on tpf to help us identify the models. I have a black Paige and just love it!!
  4. Yes, the Paige is a great style. I had one in Khaki/Tan, but found a Shelby in Chocolate Brown and so I sold the Paige. The Shelby was a better size for me. I live in a small city, so I have to buy the bags online to see them in person. I'm still sorting through which styles will work for me. I love seeing the photos on these threads.
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    I simply adore the old Koobas but sadly, couldn't tell you the names of the last few years models. Still kicking myself for not grabbing some new vintage Koobas when they would go on sale back in the day. At this time I have a Sienna in Raisin, Lucy in Black, Nisha in Toffee, Mackenzie in Black, my "currently being used" Renee and a back up Renee NWT still in the box. I seldom use the Sienna or Mackenzie...a couple of times each.
  6. Maybe (by chance) there will be some older Kooba's at the Sample Sale tomorrow! Definitely worth a trip just to check. The hurricane has passed NYC and I just want the mass transit to start so I can just get to work tomorrow.
  7. I'm so jealous---no sample sales for me :sad: Probably better for my wallet, but I'd pick that for a vacation destination. Have fun in my place!

    I'd be embarassed to admit how many Koobas I currently have--as I said, I'm a little obsessed........ They're nearly all used, but still...
  8. OK, so you can tell I'm into the past season Koobas lately. Scored this beauty, but don't know her name. Help, please and thank you.:smile:
    mystery koob 001_opt.jpg
  9. Hey Shelzbags! That's not so old at all! It's from 2009 and I believe called the Rory? It's beautiful though and in those line there was another green leather called Sage and it was such a pretty color!
  10. KBL, you're amazing. I had no idea which season it was from, but I LOVE the color and feel of the glazed leather. I'll have to keep my eye out for the Sage. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge!:smile: