Name this Kooba! :) Can anyone tell me the name of this bag??

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  1. Anyone know what this bag is called? Look kind of like a small, hand held version of the Brooklyn? The dimensions are approx. 13 x 8 x 4.



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  2. Hello,

    I think it is called the Bridget. I like that leather, kind of like the pink crackle of the lola.
  3. Wow! Except for the almost looks like a Balenciaga...
  4. That's exactly what I thought! LOL! They pop up on ebay pretty rarely but when they do (as did a couple recently) I always think "....Hmmm.... kinda Bbag!"
  5. I had this bag once. I had it in green and it was pretty darn neat. Don't confuse it with a B Bag though. It's very structured and the stiff...but really cool.

  6. Thanks, all! And Lexie, thanks for the photo! I like small to medium sized bags, and saw this one on ebay, and was interested. However, there were very few photos, and I contacted the seller, who said the bag is well worn and dirty inside and out. Not for me! So I'll take KoobaMe's advice, and wait and see if one ever shows up on ebay. (Now at least I know the name of the bag)... Thanks again,'re the best! :flowers:
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