Name This Hermes!

  1. I was flipping through my new Vogue when I saw a beautiful bag credited to Hermes, they didn't list the name of the bag or any additional info so I was wondering if any of you experts could tell me more about this lovely :biggrin: I've scanned the page so you can see, all I can tell is that the color looks like Blue Jean. I really love the style though, it looks a bit more like a travel bag but I wonder if it comes in smaller sizes for day to day use...

    Thank you in advance, any info would be greatly appreciated :heart:

  2. We had this in another thread and we hadn't found out about it if I remember correctly. I will go see if anything was added or maybe someone will chime in here.
  3. Anytime.
  4. It is called the Frontiere bag! Definitely a travel bag. As far as I know, it comes in only 50cm.
  5. Ooh thank you all!!