Name this Hermes bag. . .

  1. I have a chance to purchase this bag for around 1k. Can any of you dears tell me which style this bag is? or if its even real hermes?


    hermes1.jpg hermes2.jpg hermes3.jpg hermes4.jpg
  2. awww, honey, I don't think that's real...
  3. Runaway from this fake bag and don't look back....
  4. Boo. I guess I'll just hafta wait for my 32 boxcalf black kelly :shame:

  5. YES! Worth the wait!
  6. That doesn't even look anything like an H bag :throwup:.
  7. Absolutely hideous. :yucky: :throwup: :censor:
  8. Even I saw it´s not real when opening the picture. Get your Kelly from a boutique:yes:
  9. OH dear me...... Tell, politely but FIRMLY, the person who tried to sell you the bag to go far, far away....
  10. Ferragamofun ~ It's Good You Asked 1st! :yes:
  11. RUN -- do not walk -- away from this FAKE POS! :sad:
  12. $1k is SO MUCH MONEY to spend on a "bag" that's worth 1 cent.