Name this gorgeous Diory!

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  1. Thanks!

    The link doesn't work, but I googled it. Sadly it's not available anywhere anymore. Isn't it classy looking?? :drool:
  2. According to a post on this forum a week ago, it's still available in at least one boutique and is on sale ATM. So maybe call the Dior stores and see?

    I've also seen that bag on eBay.
  3. Ah yes, thanks! The only hitch is, it only comes in black and white. I might just get the white one...
  4. It also comes in monogram canvas.
  5. I saw.... I guess the monogram canvas would be better for me... Speaking of logo charms, has anyone any updates on the logo charms tote? Was it made only in black or other colors too? It's out of stock on eluxury at the moment.
  6. I think there are some Lady Dior Charm bags on sale in the Orlando Outlet..

    They are a little different than this one, but i think all from the same collection..
    Here is the picture..You can call George.:tup:
    george 002.jpg
  7. Thanks for the pic, HOWEVER,

    I am not in the US right now and when I return in September, I doubt they will still be there. :sad:

    What to do? Any ideas, suggestion welcome!
  8. Hmm... maybe ship to your family/friend's house and ask them to EMS over to you?

    I am sure they probably will still be there in Sept..
  9. That's an idea - do Dior outlets do orders over email??
  10. I emailed them but they haven't replied. :sad:

    Anyone have any suggestions? :sad::sad:
  11. go to the Dior outlet thread u have all contact numbers there, CALL them :yes: you will find out details i think you can order over the phone or fax . AND u will find out what exactly they have in stock.
  12. Only one outlet has them. Orlando doesn't, said they are expecting them in a couple weeks .