Name This Fendi!

  1. I came across this Fendi bag on eBay, I instantly loved it and saved the pictures, but I forgot what the name is...Does anyone know what this bag is called? TIA!
    Fox fur & Lizard.JPG Fox fur & Lizard2.JPG
  2. never seen it, but perhaps a version of the Vanity?:shrugs:
  3. If it's authentic, then it's a version of the vanity bag. However, the vanity has been faked, and many fakes are of styles that Fendi never produced.
  4. I have honestly nv seen this before.
  5. Agree with Greendrv, I think I saw this for sale on eBay. My first gut reaction was that it is probably a fake made to look like a Fendi vanity purse. :sad:
  6. I was thinking the same. :yes:
  7. It's definitely the Fendi Vanity from the Fall/Winter 2005-2006 collection. I have the cd from Fendi of all the bags that season, I'll try & post a screen grab from the Fendi cd... but I'm not sure if it'll let me, it looks definitely looks authentic... :balloon:

    I have 4 vanities... I love them! :love:
  8. Wow Shopaholic! I would have never guessed! Glad we have a Vanity expert in the group...:yes:
  9. thanks :shame: I'm new here but I do know my vanities

    it won't let me take a screen grab from the cd... :confused1: but I can post some pic.s of my vanities... if it helps... :party:
  10. I'd love to see them! Please post...:smile:
  11. thought you'd never ask :blush:

    Here's the pink leather one, the alpaca & iridescent iguana one, the lilac crystal & python one and the ostrich & silk one... please let me know which is your favorite? :upsidedown:

    Please post more pic.s of vanities... would love to see what everyone's got :nuts:

    Especially if someone has the red python & white mink one... I was going to buy it but when I went back it was gone :crybaby:
    pink.jpg alpaca.jpg crystal.jpg ost&silk.jpg
  12. Wow! They are gorgeous Shopaholic! :flowers: I bet they are even more beautiful IRL, they are just eye candy.....:yes:
  13. thanks :biggrin: yes... the do look better IRL especially the crystal one 'cause it's so sparkily :beach:

    please post pic.s of other ones... would love to see them...
  14. Just to let you know that the outlets have all the bags you just pictured in stock and at 75% off the retail prices. They are very cheap right now.
  15. shop@holic, lovely collection. I personally like the last one best.