Name this Coach bag! please?

  1. hiii! can someone please help me name this coach bag? my sister is thinking of selling it and listing it on ebay but she threw away the tags! i would reeeally appreciate any help! thaaank you!



  2. I think its a signature duffle.
  3. The official color is MELON.
  4. Depending on the size, it could be Coach 9349, very hard to find on ebay. That number is for the large size duffle. Sorry I can't help more.
  5. It's the signature slim duffle in dusty rose! the melon is a brighter color. I have the same one ... let me grab the specs for you ...

    Soft and sweet. This new Duffle makes a perfect everyday bag. Crafted from our Signature pattern fabric and leather or suede.
    # Inside zip pocket
    # Two multi-function pockets
    # Ring to clip accessory or keyfob
    # Outside zip pocket
    # Zip-top closure
    # Signature jacquard fabric with leather trim
    # Fabric lining
    # 49 adjustable strap can be worn double or single
    # 11 (L) x 11(H) x 2 (W)
    Price: $238 Style No: 9362

    haha I am a dork and keep all the info on my coach bags ... hope this helps!
  6. WOW, thank you soooo much! You helped me out a lot! Haha, I'm glad you keep all your info of your bags! I reeeally appreciate it, you helped me make a great ebay listing! Thanks again! You are theeeeeeeeeee best!!!
  7. Haha, I know, one night I went through the Coach archives and saved all of the info on all of my bags, because I was listing one and it's such a pain to look up just one things. :biggrin: Glad I could help!
  8. hah wooow, i was trying to google some kind of coach archives page but had a hard time finding one. but thanks again so much. you don't understand how frustrated i would be without you! hahha, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!