name this Channel bag

  1. Ladies, do you know the name of this Channel bag?
    What do you think of it? The sides give it a more feminine feel than classic flap.

    Any info would be appreciated. Does it come in various sizes? What are the color choices? Last but not least, how much is it sold for?
    Patent version is USD2k+.

    Wickedassin, this is the bag I was talking about. =)
  2. That looks like it's beige patent... I've seen a post about this bag somewhere... I think it also comes in navy blue patent. I think I've seen the bag at NM in San Diego....

    And I think it's called an accordian style. The most annoying part with Chanel is that they don't really name their bags...
  3. I saw this bag (other combos) at NM in Newport Beach a while ago; only saw black patent recently, maybe they are all sold. Only checked out classic flap at Chanel SCP, not sure....

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