name this chanel!

  1. i saw this somewhere browsing this site and would like to know what it called, how much it is, and if it comes in any other colors :smile: i'm guessing its from the luxury line... but thats all i know... oh and that i want it:yes:
  2. Looks like a Luxe Flap to me
    I have one but it's a little different.
  3. I was wondering the same thing when I saw this picture a few days ago. It looks like a flap bag, but not the same as the one's from last season.
  4. ^exactly.
    It's not metallic, nor teh matte black. . . maybe it's this years' version or a color and size that wasn't available in the US{?}
  5. ohh I'm no help but I loveeeeeeeee this bag! The size looks perfect =)
  6. That picture looks like a shot from the Avril Lavigne Chanel photo shoot...but I'm not sure about the bag but it sure is gorgeous!