Name this Chanel!

  1. Hi ladies, I saw a lady with what looks like a small Chanel flap but carried messenger style across her body. The size of the bag is around the size of a hand. Although I have a few Chanel pieces, I don't keep with with the styles, so I would be really grateful if anyone can tell me what this type of messenger-style small flap is called? I am hankering :heart: for one to run quick errands with, but I need to know the name before I can buy one! Any links to a photo would be brilliant! Thanks all! :flowers:
  2. are you talking about the small classic caviar flap but worn as a messenger style ? the chain can be elongated and worn across the body.
  3. could be referred to as a wallet on a chain.
    Was it pretty thin/flat?
  4. I have the mini classic. Did it look like this:
  5. ^^^ Aprilvalentine, I think that your bag is the one I saw. I was a bit far away and didn't like to stare, but I think it is smaller than the normal flap, so it must be yours. Is that its official name – mini classic? Would you be so kind as to measure the dimensions?

    Do you or anyone else know whether the mini classic flap is offered every season? I would like to get one in dark silver (like the dark silver of my baby Cabas) – any idea whether that's possible?

    Swanky, I have been looking at the Wallet on a Chain on eBay and that looks like a useful bag too. Something to consider!

    Anyway, you ladies are the best – that's the greatest thing about TPF! :heart:
  6. I've never seen it in silver, just black (caviar & lamb), beige, red (only in pics) and white. I think you can get them every season, I aleays see them around. Here are the measurements:
    6.5 in. wide x 5 in. tall x 2.5 in. wide across the bottom
    chain strap drops 22 in.
    style number A01115 Y01588
    the tag reads "classic bag with flap"
    I really do love it. It's great when I go shopping with both kids to be hands free.