Name this bracelet!

  1. Hello all!
    I am wanting to see if anyone in the Hermes Forum can place this bracelet for me?? Name etc... Thanks so much! :yes:
    dsp_100_7964_neo_img.jpg dsp_100_7965_neo_img.jpg dsp_100_7966_neo_img.jpg dsp_100_7967_neo_img.jpg
  2. :search: Nobody??
  3. Chag ~ I Have No Clue.....But, It Is Gorgeous!!!!!! :smile:
  4. Wah!! I want one of this bracelet in pink!!!
  5. Chag, your best bet at this point is to call the store. They do keep a binder with all the different items with names. NYC may be your best bet in the US.
  6. Thanks! That looks like what I will have to do! :yes:
  7. Chag, please let us know when you've found out. can you also ask them what colors (shades of pink) it comes in?:flowers:
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