Name this Bottega

  1. Would anyone happen to know the name of this Bottega bag and the retail price?

    Thank you!
  2. Sorry, I don't know. But post the style/tag numbers here and I'll do a Google search for you.
  3. Awe so sweet of you! I won't have the bag in possession until next week. I'll post the tag numbers when I receive it. Thank you!
  4. Hi C-24! Yes I saw that bag of rox_rocks earlier when I was going through the BV collections. I was thinking of emailing her..
  5. hhhmmm...the design looks very similar...great memory C_24 :tup:

    although it is in a different could be from the same season...

    the lady at the BV boutique in manila just told me it is of "florentine" design, other than that I'm pretty clueless too :blush:

    one thing for's gorgeous! :love:

    welcome to BV katsluxury, enjoy it and congrats!

    here's a picture of mine for your reference...
    BV Collection Nov 07 d.JPG
  6. Hi Rox_rocks, Thank you so much, you ladies are the sweetest! I will search floretine on the web and see what I come up with. Too bad, I won't be enjoying this bag. Enjoy yours, it surely is gorgeous!
  7. Hi, The bag came in and i got the tag numbers it is... 162430 VOCBO 1301
    I'm attaching pictures of the tag too. Thanks so much!

  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]