name this bag....

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  1. so, i bought the hippie and then returned it. Can you tell me what bag the white bag is behind the hippie in this pic?

  2. no one knows?
  3. I am not 100% sure but, the one behind the brown one looks like another hippie, but in white.
  4. are you talking about the one behind that white hippie (or whatever it is)?
    not sure...
  5. I don't know. The only current bag I know of where the strap attaches flat to the front of the body of the bag like that is the Hippie, but that one clearly shows the buckle, which would be on the front, but no flap. Plus, it is a different color.

    When the Hippie wasn't available yet or listed online, I called a bigger store and directed them to that photo and they were able to tell me what it was. Apparently they were able to get a style number on the Hippie, even when my computer would not. Have you tried calling a store, directing them to the photo at the top of the page when you go to Legacy and then to Handbags and asking them what it is?

    If you find out, let us know!
  6. maybe it's just a prop? like, a real coach, but a vintage one?
  7. That doesn't appear to be a white Legacy Hippie bag, either, now that I look at it (the one in the middle, right behind the whiskey). The strap appears different, as does the front pocket... Perhaps both of the bags behind the whiskey Hippie are vintage or props of some kind?
  8. Or maybe that was what you were talking about in the first place! I assumed you were talking about the cream-colored bag and not the white one...
  9. that is a white hippe leather legacy in its early phases of production. its in the catalogs ... take a close look