name this bag?

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  1. it's simple but i gotta have it! please let me know if you have an idea. seen on sienna miller.

  2. i'm trying so hard to figure out what the bag is, but the look on that guys face is distracting me.. hehe :roflmfao:
    I'm not to sure, it is super cute though
  3. that's her really old worn out balenciaga, seen from the back side.

  4. Same here. :wtf:

    Is it lustful, do you think, or is he calling her a name? :s

    Or both, LOL! :lol:

  5. She never takes it off her arms
    This is my guess
    Balenciaga First/Small Classique bag

  6. yeah i'm pretty sure it's the balenciaga too..
  7. yes, i think she only has that balenciaga....
    that guy is too funny!!!:lol:
  8. yup! it's balenciaga flat brass classique from season 2002.
    you can get the bag in this style now, but there's slight difference in the hardware. check the balenciaga sub forum for more info on balenciaga bags :P
  9. That oughta tell you she could have any bag and she LOVES this one
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