Name this bag!

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  1. Okay I was cleaning out my pictures and found this cute bag I had saved, but have no idea who makes it. Who can tell me who makes and who sell this bag?

    bag cute fuchsia.jpg
  2. Hmmmm... it resembles a Versace motocycle bag but whether it actually is one?????
  3. no, the versace bag looked different.
  4. It's not Coach and it not MJ. I wish that I coulg get it to blow up really really big so we could see it better.
  5. i really think it's versace.
  6. Actually, although it looks like the Versace bag at first glimpse, I don't think it is. The Versace Medusa Logo Small Leather Hobo has different zips on the front and no hardware on the straps :idea:

  7. I would just like a bright pink bag a really big one and I don't want the new LV. Does anyone have any suggestions? It would also ahve to be worn on the shoulders and priced around $600 or less.

    Thanks for any suggestions!