Name this bag!

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  1. I just saw this photo can anyone give me the name of the style?

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  2. tote from East West Collection.
  3. It also comes in a "squarer" style. Pics are on the CHanel website of both.
  4. Thanks I looked on the site but did not see a photo will have to check it again.
  5. Yes, it is from the so called East West collection, like Swanky said :yes:

    I think it's a gorgeous tote, such a shame I'm on a purse ban :girlsigh:
  6. Sorry, my bad. Both bags are not on the Chanel site. The larger E/W tote is the first bag that shows up. That E/W tote is HUGE! The square version is much more manageable as a tote. Chanel boutiques had them in stock about a month ago.....I would LOVE one as well!
  7. I would love to have this bag in red....
    I love the look and the leather...
  8. That bag is gorgeous!!!