Name this bag?

  1. Looking for the name of a bag or picture. Had a friend tell me of a Chloe' she saw that was Mushroom & Rust and rectangluar in shape. Any ideas? I did a internet search and found nothing that meet that description. I would think it was a 07 bag. :confused1:
  2. Could it be the Maggie? HTH!
  3. Also, could be the Elvire satchel?? Sorry, don't have a pic. There is a mushroom color with darker trim.

  4. Again you and I are on the same page, that's the first thing I thought too?
    I have no idea if this bag is authentic, I'm only using this link as a picture reference.
  5. Hi Ladies, thank you so far......I am going to look them up. Is there anywhere to go to look at Chloe bags besides shopping/stores? I might find out the exact bag tommorow. Will keep all posted. Keep the GUESSING coming.
  6. This is the one I was referring to--currently on Bluefly.
  7. Love that bag, I will check it out on blue fly. Looks good. Should be able to see it in person in a day or two. Thanks for the picture. Checking it out now.

  8. I knew that???:shame:
  9. I knew you did, great minds.......:smile:
  10. Okay, I did not know it was a FRAME bag, color was described as Mushroom and Rust and Rectangular in shape. What would Mushroom be? Taupe or Grey. Who knows? Anyways, this is fun. And I Love the bag at BlueFly.
  11. soufflespassion, I don't think the Elvire is a frame bag, the Maggie (1st pic) is a frame, however there is a Maggie style that just zips across the top--I believe mushroom is a taupey-gray color, if that helps. I saw the Elvire at NM, really nice bag, very unique. You may be able to find one at a lower price than Bluefly. My local NM had a bois (reddish brown) marked down to around $800, but I believe most of their Last Call items shipped out to their Last Call outlet stores. You can go on-line at Neiman Marcus, pull up the store locator and find the #'s of the NMLC stores. Good luck - hope you find one at a great price!!:yes:

    If all of this sounds like rambling, so sorry---also, Nordstrom's Rack had those Maggies.
  12. Thanks, you are not rambling.... I am. How did that Maggie do? What did you think of it? I don't seem to see it out there. Maybe one on eBay. There are no Neiman's close to me. Just Nordstrom rack, and they don't get alot of the high end bags. Hey, thanks!
  13. Chloe Tracy.jpg