Name this bag

  1. Im new to Balenciaga.. i saw a lady at the mall wearing the same bag as CD.. please let me know whats the name of it..which season..TIA:flowers:

  2. it's the '07 white giant brief

    it's gorgeous!!!
  3. Cam just looks so happy in that photo doesn't she and she looks great.

    Mind you, I'd be happy if I had a bag like that too!
  4. Yes it is..thank you for the quick response!!
  5. you're welcome!!!
  6. i wish i knew what jeans she was wearing too - those things are so cute and perfectly broken in!
    and that guy isn't so bad either...:graucho:
  7. i agreed the GH white brief bag is gorgeous.......:smile:
  8. Love her Pedre Garcia sandals - just bought them myself on sale :p
  9. That's Kelly Slater... I wouldn' mind hanging out with him either!!
  10. Her jeans might be Taverniti SO jeans...can't get a good look of the pockets, but they look like that might be that brand...