Name this bag!

  1. Can someone please tell me the name of this bag or where I can find it! :nuts:
  2. it's not bottega. the buckles ring a bell but i can't think of it.
  3. oh, i dont know. but it is very gorgeous!!!!
  4. It's Cole Haan, believe it or not. My sister got that bag but in a 'faux bottega cocker' style. check out Cole Haan's website, it's probably on sale right now.
  5. that's funny -- cole haan was the first thing that popped in my mind (i know, easy to say now!) but i didn't see it on the website because it's a sale item. good sleuthing girls! on that same note (i.e., thinking something is bottega because it's woven), i was shocked that a bottega sa thought my gf's isabelle fiore was bv! it might have some weaving but it looks nothing like anything bv has ever or would ever make.

    this but in black

  6. Thanks guys!