name this bag?

  1. this is going to sound crazy but i searched the threads even though i had no idea how i would find it but i didnt see the answer to my question. everytime i go on ebay and it shows the items ending soon and says "designer bags" it shows this picture of a bag. does anyone know what bag it is? thanks so much!

    Snapshot 2007-05-20 14-15-07.jpg
  2. good question - i wonder how I can answer that - my hunch would be one of the "top 10" handbag brands that they sell on ebay - I know when I look for bags at the bottom they would put up the top 10 brands and beside it would be a picture of that bag!

    it could be a long shot tho - I wonder if we can find the programmers/webdevelopers etc
  3. oops I mean how i can "find the answer" to that - i was thinking it in my head - but I totally forgot to type it out! :Push:
  4. thanks Halzer!
    you are da bomb!

    thanks thanks!!