Name this bag!

  1. Hello!

    I've been wondering for ages what the name and make of this bag that Rachel McAdams is holding in these pictures:



    I'd be really greatful if anyone knew!

    (Feel free to move this topic if it's in the wrong place :push: !)

  2. It is a botkier bianca satchel, I believe, only it is backwards.
  3. ^^:yahoo: Thank you Luna, you're a star!:yes:
  4. You're welcome. :smile: glad to help
  5. Yup I would say the Botkier Bianca too, in the Large size - I should know becuase I have one (in medium) hehehe
  6. Thank you tenmosquito, do you think it is black or gunmetal?
  7. no probs :smile: glad that I have some use in this forum :p - everyone has such a great wealth of knowledge here!

    I would say black - the pictures look like they have gold hardware - and gunmetal comes with silver hardware - So I would say black! (However I personally prefer the gunmetal)

    But her Bianca is SOOO SMOOTH!!! Mine, the leather is more pebble-grained...
  8. Girls, thank you for your help, I have ordered (so excited!) a large Bianca in Gunmetal.
  9. Grats I have one in concord and it's so much more gorgeous from the front :p and when you finally do see the smooshy leather IRL, it's even more lovely.